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June 22, 2013


It's time you go alone...
In life, a certain level of stress can be caused by our determination to see people change for the better. Sometimes they do change, sometimes they don't. Any better change they embrace can make (most) of us happy, while their refusal to embrace betterment could stir up sadness and even worrisome stress in our hearts. So what do you do when people refuse to change by embracing the good dreams, advices and projects you are proposing them? Do you keep on harassing them for better change?

I have a great response for you :' When people don't want to change for the better after you have tried to convince them through your advices, proposals, and great visions, just leave them alone and part ways .'

I will tell you why:

There is an interesting story in the Bible where Jesus sent out his disciples in several towns to preach the ' Good News’. But before sending them out, this is one of the recommendations Jesus gave to his disciples:

'If anyone does not welcome you or listen to your message, shake the dust off your feet when you leave that house or town' (Matthew 10:14)

Even the great Master of the Universe , Jesus, experienced rejection . So shall you and your messages. And this is not just related to the Gospel only. Whenever you attempt to bring a great vision for others or some great advices for the needy in any field (business, politics, Christianity, health, family...), you will encounter receptive people but also some hard headed people who will never accept to change. The more you will try to better the conditions of those unchanging minds, the more you will hurt yourself with worries, stress and anger.

When Jesus sent out his disciples, He clearly advised them to move away from those who will not welcome their message. Jesus never said: ' Beg them to accept you, force them to love you, convince them strongly to receive you, find a compromise with those who hate your message.' None of these things are mentioned in the Bible. Instead, Jesus said: ' dust off your feet and leave!'

And I think, it is also time for you to move on and away. You tried your best to change things around for the better but in spite of your good intentions, people refuse to receive the light you are offering them. Stop wasting your time. I will give you two reasons why:

First reason: Thinking about those people could get you some serious stressful headaches. You will constantly be thinking about ways and means of changing them...every single day. Still, they won't change! Simply because the human heart conditions itself for betterment only when it wants to.

Second reason: The energy you are spending on attempting to change things around, in the current unreceptive environment, is wasted and could be used in a much more receptive environment. In other words, there are some good people who need to receive the message, the energy, the advices you have. They are living somewhere and you will only find them when you decide to move away for those hard headed people who enjoy living in mediocrity

Third reason: By trying so hard to change them, you might choose the road of compromise where you will feel forced to become like them:' mediocre.'

Can you see those people around yourself right now?

When people refuse to embrace the light of excellence you are offering them, just go away alone. On the way, you will meet like minded people.

But for that to happen, you will need to move on and leave.

God Bless you.