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June 18, 2012

Do you know how to receive?

  In my previous post, I developed  a very abstract concept called Faith and I am sure out there, several readers  might remain a little bit clueless on their role when expecting miracles from God, the Infinite One. I will tell you what is your role:

Your role is to Receive. That's it. Just receive the miracle expected. The Bible says ' Ask and you shall receive', it does not say 'You might receive', it says: ' You shall receive', with certainty.

 Simply explaining this statement would mean that for any question you ask yourself, you will get an answer(Then you better ask the right questions). Every demanded gift shall come to your hands. It does not say exactly when or how, You just have to believe.  And I am sure that out there, somebody in the world is asking:

'So there is no action to take?'

Well, the Bible also says that 'Faith with no action is dead'. Does it contradict my previous post? 'Not at all'.

Please read carefully this statement:

'Your action must be the receiving part'. You act by receiving.
The reason  why so many out there are stuck into endless cycles is because: 'They ask ,desire, wish or even dream about things, but do not  receive them when  they come.'

  People don't embrace their wish either because they do not know how to or  they refuse it because the 'gift' does not really match their expected human standard (this can be a deadly mistake). For those who wish to deepen their personal development through various topics, you will hear a lot of stuff on why people fail to receive but in this blog I will explain to my best: 'reception failure'  by using the influence of the 'Thinking' and the influence of our 'physical senses'. The expected 'gifts' come in two forms ; either as a 'thought package' or ' physical package'.

Buckle up your seatbelt:

1. Thought(s) Package

  ' As a Man Thinks in his Heart, so is He'.

  History has recorded countless legendary men and women who acted on  inspired thoughts ( such as dreams) to create scientific formulas, books, movie characters, businesses... The ideas just came to them. They never worked on  'how' the idea was processed. They knew how to receive it.

 Divine ideas get planted in your mind in two situations:

-When you are alone (In dreams, brainstorming time, meditation)
-And/ or through a certain medium such as written thoughts ,books, magazines, TV shows, movies...or even through somebody talking to you. This is why you need to be careful about who you are talking to, and what you  hear. Be attentioned because even a soundless item might inspire a divine thought.

 Then how people fail to receive?

  When the thought package presents itself on a sliver plate, they go 'ballistic' and tend to be critical .

Negative Critical Nature will not receive the Divine Thought Package.

2. The Physical Package.

Other than thoughts, gifts can also come in physical packages requiring our physical senses to be extremely alert. The human body has been built with physical senses which are : sight, touch, taste, smell,hearing. We can use those senses to teach us some valuable lessons on how to receive and why we fail to.

 We receive,refuse or miss the physical packages through those senses.

The sight: our eyes carry the mission to decrypt our physical vision. Sight assesses a physical package and could determine our final decision on whether we receive or not. Keep your head high and do not be afraid to look at what could be your miracle. In most cases, people miss out on things because of : first sight judgement ( judgement resulting from a poor and fast analysis), sight prejudice ( born out of cultural belief, racism...) and sight impatience ( expecting an instant development of what could be the start of a miracle). A less judgmental, renewed  and patient spirit  will remedy to those short comings. A response to a wish might not always appear as we expect it in the present , but  can adopt a more developed form later.

The touch: when the miracle  is given on a silver plate, what do you do? You grab it. Your physical ability to touch must be used to possess.  Some fail to possess because of three main reasons:

-Thought poisoning ( fear,doubt, pride...): the poison list is endless and any one of them can destroy our acting abilities.
-Lack of confidence in the Touch:  confidence is closely linked to strength. Possession means holding with strength.  When you lack confidence in your touch, the physical nature of your wish is most likely to slip away from your 'hand'.  The physical touch can also be used through our speech.
-Lack of space in their lives:  You will probably have to remove or delete      some things, relationships from your life to create more space with the purpose to invite  your expected wish. Above all, pay special attention to what and how you delete the unwanted weights...

The smell:  the nose has the ability to define the nature of an object by smelling it, without touching it and sometimes without seeing it. Have you ever found yourself in a place where you could smell something good coming, without seeing it or touching it? The smell warns,predicts or confirms the existence of an item that we do not possess yet. I think the only (probable) reason why some miss to receive is the  Fear of a change. They sense that it is coming and because they feel so comfortable where they are, they decide to fly away from the smell.

The hearing:  listening is key, because informations increase the knowledge needed to know the object of our wish. Learning is a very good way to exercice our hearing ability.God, Events,  people, situations speak to us, and we should pay attention by opening our hears. Hearing is good, but listening is better and requires concentration. People don't concentrate when they are too busy. Watch out for the overactivity in your life, and take a break to listen to life, your loved ones, and what really matters.
The second reason why some don't listen is caused by pride. They think they know it all, and only listens to themselves. When the 'miracle information' tries to reach them, they simply block their hears.

 Do you listen to trustworthy people from whom you can learn?

The taste : This is the funniest and the best one. It's about tasting, consuming the physical nature of your wish. Some people out there, constantly chase and never get to live the realisation of their wishes. It's frustrating to chase for ever and here is my advice to the eternal chasers:

' You have been chasing for ever, don't give up. But sometimes some wishes (at times willingly) decide to stay away from you. They are good but not for you. It's time to chase for a consumable item available in the life store for you, because you only live once, and can not waste your years chasing.'

  The funniest part is that some of us ask for a thing, receive  and then after tasting it for a while, suddenly find out that it is really not what we want. I end my blog with an open question:' Before asking, do you really know what you want?'

   The content of this blog only applies for wishes that are honourable, honest,legal , loving and creating  common good for all.

God  Bless you.